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HR Services

Our team is here to support your ongoing insurance and benefits needs.

We provide advocacy, support, and guidance to employees regarding their health insurance and employee benefits. Serving as a liaison between employees and the insurance provider, we help clients navigate complex insurance processes, understand coverage options, and resolve any issues that may arise. This ensures that employees fully comprehend their benefits and make informed decisions about their healthcare.

Benefit Administration

Our benefits administration software we provide makes it easier to manage employee benefits from a central location.

Enrollment & Communication

Palmetto Insurance Group stands out as a premier choice for enrollment and communication services in the realm of employee benefits.

Custom Insurance & Benefit Solutions for Businesses & Individuals

HR Value Added Services

We use ThinkHR’s People Risk Management solution to provide you with HR resources that help you run your business more effectively.

Employee Advocacy & Support

Palmetto Insurance Group’s Employee Advocacy and Support services are a comprehensive approach that focuses on providing personalized support and guidance to employees in understanding, utilizing, and maximizing their benefits.

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Having the right employee benefits and insurance plan can save you money and enhance your business operations. See how we can help you!