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HR Value Added Services

Palmetto Insurance Group’s HR Value Added Services are designed to empower businesses with comprehensive and cutting-edge tools to navigate the complex landscape of human resources, compliance, and employee management. With a commitment to excellence, Palmetto offers a range of services aimed at enhancing operational efficiency, ensuring legal adherence, and fostering a productive and engaged workforce.

At the core of Palmetto’s offering is the Live HR team, providing immediate access to seasoned, certified HR advisors who offer expert guidance. These professionals assist in preemptively addressing challenging HR and compliance issues, as well as resolving them effectively when they arise, ensuring businesses remain compliant and protected.
The Employee Handbook Builder stands as a remarkable resource, enabling the easy creation of federal and state compliant handbooks while incorporating company-specific policies. This dynamic tool ensures that policy updates are seamlessly integrated, keeping the organization up-to-date with evolving regulations.
The Learning Management System delivers a diverse array of educational courses, ranging from compliance mandates to professional development. By fostering improved safety, engagement, and skill development, this system empowers both employees and the organization.

The Compliance System is a treasure trove of resources, housing a vast library of compliance guides, checklists, and other indispensable tools. The system not only aids in navigating HR and compliance challenges but also provides timely updates through law alerts, newsletters, and webinars, all approved for SHERM and HRCI recertification credits.

The Benefit Document Creator streamlines the creation and maintenance of ERISA compliant documents, including Wrap, SPD, and POP documents. With policy update alerts and digital signature functionality, this tool simplifies the often complex task of benefit document management.

In sum, Palmetto Insurance Group’s HR Value Added Services offer a holistic approach to human resource management. By combining expertise, technology, and up-to-date information, these services empower businesses to proactively manage their workforce, ensure compliance, and thrive in a competitive business landscape.

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