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Case Study: Surest - Revolutionizing Employee Benefits: Palmetto Insurance Group's Innovative Risk Management and Tax Savings Solution

Introducing Surest:

The revolutionary benefit plan that’s transforming the landscape of employee healthcare in the United States. With a staggering 1 in 4 major employers across the nation already embracing it, Surest is not just a healthcare solution; it’s a commitment to enhanced employee engagement, reduced costs, and improved overall satisfaction with healthcare plans.
One of the biggest challenges in healthcare has been the lack of transparency in pricing. Surest smashes through this barrier, giving its members the power to access healthcare prices in advance and compare care options seamlessly. No more guesswork. Furthermore, Surest simplifies the complex world of healthcare pricing by bundling the costs of services that often occur together into a single copay. These copays are even lower for providers who consistently deliver higher value care, assessed based on quality, efficiency, and overall effectiveness.
The result? Unprecedented savings opportunities for both employers and employees. Surest is an ACA-compliant health plan designed for employers with 51 or more members, and it’s available nationwide. It offers both self-funded and fully insured options, eradicating deductibles and coinsurance to ensure a straightforward and hassle-free healthcare experience.
Surest members also benefit from a broad, national UnitedHealthcare network, providing access to quality healthcare providers across the country. Plus, in this digital age, Surest ensures convenience through its virtual health network.
The numbers speak for themselves – 8 out of 10 members would be disappointed if their plan no longer offered Surest, and a staggering 90% of Surest members choose to re-enroll. Surest is not just a health plan; it’s a game-changer, taking your health benefits to the next level, powered by the simplicity that modern healthcare desperately needs. Embrace Surest, and experience healthcare like never before.
Please contact Palmetto Insurance Group to see how Surest can revolutionize the benefits for your business.

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